Summary of Outlive

The Science and Art of Longevity

Peter Attia, MD

Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia offers a transformative, scientific approach to longevity. This innovative guide provides actionable strategies for optimizing your exercise, sleep, and nutritional habits, enhancing your emotional well-being, and tackling aging diseases proactively. Delve into the overlooked aspects of health, from underdiagnosed liver conditions to the power of exercise as a pro-longevity tool. Move beyond diets to personalize your nutritional biochemistry. Discover how emotional health intertwines with physical longevity. With Outlive, rewrite your aging story and make each decade better than the last.
  1. Introduction
  2. 1 The Long Game: From Fast Death to Slow Death
  3. 2 Medicine 3.0: Rethinking Medicine for the Age of Chronic Disease
  4. 3 Objective, Strategy, Tactics: A Road Map for Reading This Book
  5. 4 Centenarians: The Older You Get, the Healthier You Have Been
  6. 5 Eat Less, Live Longer: The Science of Hunger and Health
  7. 6 The Crisis of Abundance: Can Our Ancient Genes Cope with Our Modern Diet?
  8. 7 The Ticker: Confronting—and Preventing—Heart Disease, the Deadliest Killer on the Planet
  9. 8 The Runaway Cell: New Ways to Address the Killer That Is Cancer
  10. 9 Chasing Memory: Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases
  11. 10 Thinking Tactically: Building a Framework of Principles That Work for You
  12. 11 Exercise: The Most Powerful Longevity Drug
  13. 12 Training 101: How to Prepare for the Centenarian Decathlon
  14. 13 The Gospel of Stability: Relearning How to Move to Prevent Injury
  15. 14 Nutrition 3.0: You Say Potato, I Say “Nutritional Biochemistry”
  16. 15 Putting Nutritional Biochemistry into Practice: How to Find the Right Eating Pattern for You
  17. 16 The Awakening: How to Learn to Love Sleep, the Best Medicine for Your Brain
  18. 17 Work in Progress: The High Price of Ignoring Emotional Health
  19. Epilogue