Summary of Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids

Bryan Caplan

"Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids" takes a radical new look at parenting, based on eye-opening research into twins and adoption. This book argues that genetics play a bigger role than upbringing, challenging the belief that we need to invest extreme amounts of time and money in our children. Instead, it encourages us to relax, enjoy our lives more, and understand that our kids will still grow up fine. From helping parents find happiness, to letting go of unnecessary worries, and determining the right number of children to have, this book presents practical and transformative ideas that will change how you view parenthood forever. Unlearn the stress, embrace the joy, and rethink your parenting journey.
“Original, lively, well-researched, and wise, this book could change your life.”

—Steven Pinker, Harvard College Professor of Psychology, Harvard University
  1. Introduction
  2. 1 You Count Too: A Commonsense Guide To Happier Parenting
  3. 2 The Case Against Guilt: A Parent’s Guide To Behavioral Genetics
  4. 3 Behavioral Genetics: Can It Be True—And What Does It Mean?
  5. 4 What About The Children? Kids Today Are Safer Than Ever
  6. 5 Enlightened Family Planning: How Many Kids Do You Want When You’re Sixty?
  7. 6 Your Kids Are Good For You—But Are They Good Or The World?
  8. 7 Selfish Guidelines For Want-To-Be Grandparents
  9. 8 Life-Giving Science: What It Means For You
  10. 9 Be Fruitful And Multiply: Four Chats On Kids, Parenting, Happiness, And Self-Interest
  11. Conclusion